• Complete bow set up of any bow

  • Adjust cam lean and centershot

  • String and Cable Replacement on most any brand bow or crossbow

  • Warranty repair on all brands of bows and equipment we carry

  • Complete Bow tuning 

  • Serving string and cables

  • Install or retie peep sights

  • Install Kisser Buttons

  • Sight repair

  • Limb and Cam repair or replacement

  • Install and help sight in all bows and sights

  • Install Arrow Rests and tune afterwards

  • Help shooters with their form release and anchor points

  • Custom Fletch and wrap arrows with Vanes or feathers

  • Cut arrows to length

  • Refletch and wrap old arrows

  • Listen to all the hunting stories (over and over again) 


Bow Service & Repair

 13104 US-40 Highland, IL 62249

If you currently own a bow or are looking at buying one for the first time   our experts in the industry can  provide suggestions on what will work best for you and the type of hunting you are doing.   NAO provides a full array of bow set up repair and service . Whether you bought your bow form North American Outfitters or somewhere else, we are be happy to service or repair your bow.