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Marty and Paula Lawson

Marty and Paula Lawson

Our customer Service is second to none, one of the largest selections of archery & hunting products around If we don’t have it we can usually get it. Three indoor ranges and a bar

We Purchased NAO from Kyle Weiter in 2004. It was very only maybe 1100 Sq Ft and knew wouldn’t work for me so we bought 8,000 sq ft building to and spent 3 months remodeling before we opened. We have made major changes, including adding a golf simulator & Bar.  Since then we’ve even added more in the last 6 mo. I have been forced to retire recently due to being diagnosed as being legally blind so I hired my son Michael last November to manage the store. Since Michael came aboard, he has made some great improvements by organizing the shop, cleaning things up, and almost doubling our inventory. Our future looks very good. We hope to have even more changes in the future.

Marty Lawson  <span></span>
Marty Lawson Owner
I have Hunted for over 40 years and love hunting for all types of game. Prior to North American Outfitters, I Owned a construction company for 30 years. Then an opportunity became available for me to combine my love of bow hunting and a business in 2004. It is the great staff and dedicated customers that has enabled us to thrive. I consider myself lucky to be able to be around what I love doing everyday and taking my passion for bow hunting and helping other people.
Micheal Lawson <span></span>
Micheal Lawson Manager
Michael has been Hunting for 30 years and brings his passion and knowledge of Hunting to North American Outfitters. He is always available to assist you with your Hunting needs
Chandler Hulvey<span></span>
Chandler HulveyBow Technician

Meet The Team

Brent Jacober<span></span>
Brent JacoberBow Technician
Konrad Schaaf<span></span>
Konrad SchaafBow Technician
Nick Weatherly <span></span>
Nick Weatherly Bow Technician

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Mon -Thurs      12:00-8:00

Friday              12:00-6:00

Saturday          9:00-3:00

Closed Nov18th,19th and Nov 24th


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